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About our sales policy

Sales policy

営業ポリシーWe can fulfill low-volume, customized requirements

We can deliver custom-made processing agents and are able to support customer requests for smaller volumes of product. We can start development and delivery with a minimum order of 200 kg for special-grade product. For example, we can flexibly support customers who are in the research and development phases—something our major competitors cannot offer. Our development department and sales department work closely together, so that we can create advanced new materials in a timely manner. We will make every effort to offer the exact quantity and superior quality that our customers expect to ensure they are not only satisfied, but amazed. One customer reports, "Only you can give us such a wide variety of samples with limited information available."

営業ポリシーWe respect our customers' passion and add extra value

We embrace the creation of new functionality and added value with processing agents that work with a variety of materials, such as paper, textiles and film. We take the greatest pleasure in creating something that has never before existed. In order to respect our customers' passion, we strive to understand our customers, and to work together to create new things, rather than simply having the customer just choose from a catalog or existing samples. It is not unusual for us to produce more than 100 prototypes of a customized product in order to create a unique solution that benefits our customer. Sometimes new requirements come up during the prototyping, and they require an additional number of fine improvements, but this provides clues toward further improvements and creates new possibilities for both us and our customers. We make all efforts to respect our customers' passion so that our customers understand that Takamatsu Oil & Fat is the only company that will truly work for us to overcome our challenges.

We have thorough cooperation between sales and development departments

Our sales department focuses on face-to-face meetings for closer communication in order to discover what the customer really needs, even when there is limited information available from the customer. We believe that the process of discovering an answer with limited clues helps us to better understand our customers’ needs and to create improved results. Our R&D department uses all of the data that we have accumulated on material characteristics and performance in a practical manner. We have established a system to train individual researchers so that each can expand and deepen their expertise and can quickly respond to customer requests.
Thorough cooperation between the development department and the sales department is our strength. Although some conflicts can sometimes occur between the development department and sales department because the development department tends to rationally argue against novelties, the sales department understands the customer, trusts their own gut-feelings and knowledge, and has their own way of moving forward in some cases. In such a case, the development team then tries to make the product even better and ends up creating what was previously considered impossible.

We offer commissioned business including the development of OEM*

We aggressively make efforts on OEM business, based on a good reputation of our superiority in manufacturing and development technology. We can also support simple contract manufacturing as well as the development of OEM, including the addition of technically added value. If you are looking for the last missing piece to becoming successful, please let us know. We are flexible, agile and able to help you. Our management system guarantees your classified information is secure.
*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturing. Takamatsu produces products our customer can sell as their own brand.

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