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We were able to celebrate our 60th anniversary

Message from the president

In 1952, we started our business as a manufacturer in the surfactant industry, focusing on the textile sector by using natural fats and oils as materials. Since then, we have been developing technologies and products, and have built a "creative company" with a spirit of "gratitude" and "harmony." Thanks to the continued support and satisfaction of our customers, we were able to celebrate our 65th anniversary in 2017. Based upon the foundation of unique manufacturing technologies we have applied to our products in the textile industry for years, we have created a family of aqueous products that is rich in functionality and designed to protect the environment while serving a wide range of industries (textile, paper, film etc.).
Because of the way things continue to diversify these days, the speed of technological advancement in industry and the accelerated globalization of the Japanese economy have required businesses to constantly develop new and creative technologies. There is a demand for the development of technologies and products that not only focus on functionalities but which also consider environmental protection.

President and CEO:
Kiichiro YoshimuraWe will continue to focus on the development of creative products that are environmentally friendly. To achieve this goal, we maintain a "spirit of gratitude" to all things at all times, a "spirit of harmony" to work as a team, and a "pioneer spirit" to continuously develop potential new markets throughout the world. We never forget the philosophy of "creative development" and we continue to look beyond existing fields and technologies. We appreciate your help and cooperation, and we look forward to serving you.

N a m e TAKAMATSU OIL&FAT CO.,LTD. President and CEO Kiichiro Yoshimura E s t a b l i s hme n t April,1952 C a p i t a l 33million yen Employee number 55 P u r p o s e 1.Munufacturing,sales and related business of surface active agent 2.Munufacturing,sales and related business of synthetic resin 3.Munufacturing,sales and related business of industrial chemicals 4.All the business related with the above purposes F i n a n c i a l s The Bank of  Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Resona Bank, Limited. The Hokkoku Bank, Ltd. Tsurugi Shinkin Bank




Takamatsu Shoko Co.,Ltd. established
Takamatsu Oil & Fat Co.,Ltd. established
Takamatsu Wax Co.,Ltd established to separate Manufacturing Dept. of Knitting Lubricant Agents
Tokyo Branch opened
Hokuriku Factory building completed
Hokuriku Branch Office building completed
Automatic warehouse and new office building completed
Head Office moved to Sansei RS building
Factory building for dangerous chemicals completed
New Hokuriku Factory building completed
Drain System for the factory completed
Head Office moved to Chuo-ku,Osaka
R & D building completed

Polyester resins

Antistatic coatings

Ink jet receptors

High Functional coatings

Textile finishings

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