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About high functional coatings

High functional coatings

Fe a t u r e sSince our founding, we have been always challenging to develop new product in order to satisfy customer's requests.
Please feel free to let us know your request other than the product listed below.


GRADE Application Characteristic
TAFX-2-91 Anti-clouding coating
An aqueous dispersion free of organic solvents.
Adhesion to PET, Polycarbonate film, metals, and glass.
Hydrophilicity surface
Excellent effect on preventing the precipitation of oligomeric
crystals on the
surface of PET film at high temperature.
An aqueous dispersion free from organic solvents.
Oligomer preventing effect can be raised by conducting
heat set more than 200℃.
Excellent wet ability on PET film even without corona
Does not contain any silicone that tends to contaminate
coating machine.
Migration of the components is minimum.
HZ-523 None silicone type
releasing coating
NSX-065/066 Oligomer preventing

Polyester resins

Antistatic coatings

Ink jet receptors

High Functional coatings

Textile finishings

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